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First, the basic situation of the industry drilling and boring machine boring machine industry, the 80 existing small businesses. The situation of the 80 companies roughly divided into three groups: the first group enterprises, pillar companies, or promising enterprises. These enterprises are state-owned enterprises or state-holding enterprises, generally the original state-owned backbone enterprises of machine tool industry, the plant has a long time, technical capacity and infrastructure conditions are better, but also largely through enterprise restructuring, restructured as joint stock or limited liability company, or transformed into private enterprise, the basis of their ability and good condition, coupled with reasonable mechanism, constitutes a necessary condition for sustainable development of enterprises. This type of enterprise, launched close to or reach the world advanced level in manufacturing products, introduction of advanced level products, these companies are drilling and boring machine industry in the hope that, in the drilling and boring machine industry, about 25% to 30%. The second group enterprises, survival and development, and heavy-duty business. The basis of such enterprises have the original good, and some basis of general, but because there is no competitive products competitive, develop new products Jishu abilities than the weak, Zhi Shi less competitive, although the maintenance level, but lack the development of stamina, if good with the introduction of competitive products, such enterprises or promising. Such enterprises in the drilling and boring machine industry in approximately 40-45%. The third group companies, survival-oriented enterprises. Such enterprises which are mostly local, local state-owned or collective enterprises, that is, this part of the business of local government designated more than the original manufacturer, the number usually around 300 or below, the original basis of poor persons are more complex , because the rapid development of market economy, lack of access local government's timely support, enterprises in the lack of strong leadership, there is no institution-and institutional reform and the development of stamina (general production bench drill, tapping machine, drilling Xiao Xing Li business more). Such enterprises in the Drilling and Boring industry about 20% to 25%. Second, the situation of enterprises in product development, product development, the first group companies focus on machine tools, the production of machine tools and CNC machine tool sets the proportion of shares increased year by year. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 2004 drilling and boring machine industry to develop new products 81 species, including 61 new products, CNC machine tools, the development of new products accounted for nearly 80%. CNC products in the domestic leading level of 36 species, including vehicles and other complex machining center milling and boring, high-speed (maximum speed in 15000r/min to 36000r/min) vertical and horizontal machining centers, high-speed milling centers, horizontal machining large Centre (Table size 2000 × 4000mm and above), Gantry Type Machining Center (Lung five, five-axis gantry), five-axis machining centers, precision CNC machine tools. Third, enterprise technology, joint ventures, cooperation and mergers and acquisitions case 1, the situation on enterprise technology from the "15" started drilling and boring machine industry enterprises, especially the first group from their long-term strategy for starting businesses, increasing the technological transformation of funds input. Such as the Czech Republic Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has invested heavily in the use of World Bank loans to build a 20,000 square meters of heated plant imports more than 10 units high, big, fine, sharp process equipment, and CNC machine tools suitable for mass production of additional amount of inspection equipment and the physical and chemical testing equipment; Jiangsu Polyhedral use of state special funds for the NC machine tool industrial transformation projects; Wuhu Hengsheng Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. invested heavily in the first phase, two technical transformation project and is prepared to invest nearly 300 million element, the third phase of technological transformation projects, the project is completed, the annual machine tool output, output value, sales revenue will greatly increase; Ningxia Dahe Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Zhongwei to "bond localization CNC Honing Machine Project" as the core, of the 10 transformation projects. These technology projects greatly increased the company's CNC machine tool production and quality of CNC machine tools in China significantly contributed to the industrialization process. According to incomplete statistics, the "Ninth Five-Year" period, the drilling and boring machine industry technical transformation investment of less than 10 billion "15" technical transformation investment funds during the "Ninth Five-Year" three times the invested capital, four times or more . 2, joint venture, cooperation and merger cases came forward the Sino-Czech Machine Tool Co., a joint venture with German co-production BW60 BW high speed horizontal machining center, a joint venture with Italian co-production D165 Fidia high-speed milling center project, has been set up in Shenyang BW Machine Tool Company and Shenyang Fidia Corporation, now operate independently. National Chiao Tung University Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Czech cuisine and the country Dawes who Stoph Ltd. joint venture company set up in Kunming, Dawes, production CNC Boring and Milling Machine and so on. 4, drilling and boring machine Restructuring of enterprises owned or state-holding enterprises industry accounts for about 35%, about 35% of joint-stock enterprises, collective enterprises 10%, private enterprises accounted for about 20 or so%. In recent years, the state-owned enterprise reform faster, larger movements, such as the Wuhu Hengsheng Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has been restructuring over the grounds of corporate investment and stock limited liability company. Social corporate investment unit stake: Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Daily, Shanghai and Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Company Jiangsu, Nanjing Jiangdong mechanical model plant, Chang Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Wuhu, Anhui Huai Fan-Fan and other iron works. Another example is the second former Guilin Machine Tool Plant, the introduction of Mitsubishi Corporation is funding to buy the first machine tool factory in Guangxi all equipment, expand their production capacity, the overall conversion to private enterprise and so on. ^ & 5, there is now a major problem, financial difficulties. Enterprises urged to give more countries a number of policy support. For example, fixed assets tax rebate. Northwest China, there is no such policy. Other countries have this policy support. 2 business obsolescence of existing manufacturing equipment, can not satisfy the product updates, improve the grade and better quality assurance requirements. 3, the overall output of CNC machine tools in China is not high, high-end CNC machine tools has been limited and in high-end CNC machine tools, machining centers and advanced CNC machine tools, machining centers compared to the overall quality, performance, stability, reliability is also a larger gap. According to statistics, in 2004 the total production of China's processing center is a quarter of total imports, according to our processing center consumption meter, only one fifth of the strong point. 6, around the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" objectives, the enterprise should be done and the proposed drilling and boring machine Branch of doing business bureaucracy in this survey, the company's attitude is very good, very clear. They "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" targets of the preparation is divided into two parts: the part of the incumbent enterprise, should do the other part of the submissions to the government authorities of the proposal and called for. Enterprises should do the following points: 1, deepening enterprise reform, the establishment of appropriate institutions and mechanisms for enterprise development. 2, and actively introduce advanced technology, continuous development and characteristics of the times to market with new products and personalized. For NC machine tool research and application of new technologies. 3, and actively develop domestic and overseas markets. 4, increase the intensity of technical transformation, actively raise funds (including self, introduction, and loans), as soon as possible the implementation of technology projects into a substantive stage. 5, positive train technical personnel, including engineers, technicians and skilled workers, retain them, give full play to the role of human resources. Suggested that the state government departments provide policy advice to support the points 1, standard bidding policy. The ability of domestic manufacturers can do to meet the basic needs of the CNC machine tool users, the proportion of investment should be the appropriate procurement regulations, in order to facilitate the gradual promotion of China-made CNC machine tools. Right Guonei have the capacity to produce, clearance CNC machine tools, provides a certain percentage and related to preferential policies Cai Gou, like "863" industry of the project, provided there is Yi Ding Yao proportion as used Guochan NC Xitong, such conditionality, the production of high-sensitive class of CNC machine tools will always be discriminated against, denied opportunities for growth and development it is very difficult to achieve in time, world-class super-long-cherished wish. 2, hoping to promote value-added tax transformation in the machine tool industry policy, machine tool manufacturers new machinery and equipment purchased to be tax deductible value added tax, improve its depreciation rates and amortization period for intangible assets, and expand R & D funding for additional deduction the scope of preferential policies to raise the wage tax deductibility standards, reduce burdens of the policy, to facilitate the treatment of employees generally small profit margins and low maintenance of the machine tool business, to increase the technological efforts, to develop. 3, I hope to continue to expand value-added tax refund amount of new product development, to further encourage the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation to enhance the machine tool business development potential. 4, to further increase the special development program CNC machine tools range and number of Fund and to strengthen supervision and management, so that effective earmarking. 5, on the CNC machine tool industrial base enterprise technology projects should be a priority basis. 6, on the national debt to buy items made CNC machine tools, policies continue to implement a certain discount. 7, on the development of key machine tool components, OEMs should be grants. 8, on the CNC machine tool manufacturer, using homemade equipment, and also enjoy the tax credit policy. 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