An effective tool against inflation - Diamond
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In recent years the development of the domestic gift market, expanded to some extent the demand for diamonds, diamond prices and the formation of tension. People in the past the demand for diamond jewelry is limited to wedding ring, but has now been extended to the gift market, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, will be a lot of people choose the diamond as a gift with gift. Consumer demand for diamonds has been growing, while supply does not increase, and the entire global market as a whole showed a pattern of short supply, the resulting rise in diamond prices are constantly pushing.
     Diamond prices even in the context of the financial crisis, the rising trend remains unchanged, according to the international diamond price list over the years can be seen, in 2003, a weight of 1 carat, cut to VG, color H, clarity bare for the VVS2 diamond (round), the price of 4000 dollars, was to maintain double-digit annual growth trend, the end of 2007 rose to 6,500 U.S. dollars, in 2008 rose 10.7%, rose to 7200 U.S. dollars. Despite the recent global experience more than a year of financial crisis, but the price of diamonds continues to rise steadily, and now it is about 7700 U.S. dollars. In fact, the diamond has always been based on "hard currency" image exists. Since 1934, the diamond's value began to increase more than inflation. Therefore, in western countries, diamonds have been the same with gold, had been as a tool to fight inflation, which is in the current global financial crisis, a weaker dollar premise, diamond prices are still rising Wei Shime important reason. And the past few years a number of high-quality diamonds up an accelerated trend. Second, from the supply point of view, the diamond resources are very limited. Currently the world has proven reserves of 2.5 billion karats, such as in accordance with the current annual extraction of about 1 million carats of progress to estimate, after 25 years will be estimated proved reserves of diamonds, all to digest. And the most recent years, no new large-scale diamond mine original, this phenomenon has caused concern of the international diamond industry. So, what kind of diamond potential of increasing the value of expand? As an advocate for investment diamonds - National Jewellery Quality Supervision, Inspection Division, the 21st century plateau CEO, said jewelry, diamond carat weight 4C standard (CARAT WEIGHT), Clarity (CLARITY), color (COLOUR), cut (CUT) . Among them, the weight is the primary factor is the basis for several other C. Weight is usually accounted for more than 40% of the value of diamonds, and more large diamonds, the more weight the weight of the high percentage. Even the one without the cutting and grinding of rough diamonds, still has its own value. Therefore, too much stress for small diamond cut, clarity, etc., are unworthy, that in fact some businesses to increase their profit by one of the means used.
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