Renovation of a small knowledge of diamond tools
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Natural single crystal diamond is the hardest substance in the world, so as abrasives and cutting tools, its performance is unmatched, with diamond tools, for example, sharpening its cutting edge radius can be connected to the scanning electron microscope, SEM, also can not be detected, until now no one material can be replaced, Li Yong Lai cutting its processing, Wangwangkeyi direct Huode mirror, the current widely used meter, electronic optical and other areas, become an indispensable Qiexiaogongju material, but Yin expensive, and grinding will require great skill, it has hampered their widespread application.
         Diamond repair tool should do and should do to:
1. Before the new dresser, dressing feed from the last exit. Many brittle diamond dressing tools, at the beginning of contact with the wheel, are easily damaged.

2. To tilt the angle of 10-15 ° diamond dressing tools installed first, to point to the direction of wheel rotation.

3. Securely installed, repaired, or clamping dressing tools, tool head may not be hanging too long.

4. Where possible, the full use of coolant. In the finishing time, with a cooling liquid pouring dressing tool and grinding wheel contact points.

5. Repair begins, the highest point of repair from the wheel, the wheel is usually the middle.

6. Note that except for a small amount of repair. In addition to the maximum depth of repair, except for crude repair :0.001-0.002 inches. In addition to intensive :0.0005-0.001 inches.

7. According to the manual selection of suitable lateral speed. Lateral move more slowly (in the allowable range), was grinding the lower surface roughness.

8. To be in the time interval of the grinding wheel and dressing, to prevent the wheel blunt, so that grinding force increases.

9. In the time interval, will be trimming knife folder tool, rotating 1 / 8 laps, finishing tools to ensure consistently sharp.

10. When the diamond dressing tool head, or blunt or obvious change in peacetime, shall promptly adjust and change.

11. According to the diameter of grinding wheel, a reasonable amount of choice CARAT diamond (pure diamond content), the larger wheel diameter, the greater the value of options CARAT diamond.
1. In the place folder diamond dressing tool head to the seat, the care not to hit the wheel surface.

2. Should not be a single point diamond dressing tool head vertically aligned wheel center, which normally takes inclined 10-15 °.

3. Can not heat the dressing tools of the "quenching" (referring to the sudden cold). In the dry dressing, the need to maintain two dressing interval, enough to heat the dressing tool cooling.

  4. Can not assume an ideal flat surface of grinding wheel. Dressing at the beginning, find the highest point of wheel position for dressing.

5. If possible, repair than the amount for each wheel, the radius of the wheel can not more than 0.001 inches. In addition to the amount of repair is too large diamond dressing tool head can cause premature wear and often broken.

6. But not every repair except the margin is too small. The difference between the old or rigid wheel used on the machine may not be trimmed.

7. Note that you can not repair to stay in one place for too long. This will make the surface of polishing wheel, resulting in high temperature and damage of diamond dressing tools. Turn at least once a day dressing tools.

8. Can not continue to use worn or damage of the dressing tools. It should be timely adjusted or replaced.

9. Can not be repaired in the rough amount of time chosen to overhaul and fast addition to the horizontal feed rate, and then choose when dressing in fine addition to a small volume and slow repair the lateral feed rate. This will quickly damage the diamond dressing tools. If possible, the proposed rough finishing and fine finishing, choose the same horizontal feed rate.

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